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Managed backup cloud

You've heard it a thousand times – "Put Your clients will be a quality backup." Hstadtistkot show that when an organization loses its business information or a delayed recovery and damage Integrator is "responsible". We wanted to update the monthly newsletter, our partners are the right strategies for building effective backup system and the new capabilities of the Hdtashild.
What are the ingredients of a best cloud backup Cloud backup solutions are not the same and not all of them provide the necessary solutions for business
Managed and monitored backup: So that both you and your client know what happens. Automatic tracking and monitoring through Alfakontrol guarantee that one will need to repeat everything will work quickly, efficiently and smoothly.
Encryption and Security: Unique encryption solution which no one has access to information other than the business itself. Unique key that only the business (and integrator) has the key. Provide a service, its employees or anyone else has access to information in any way.
Local and cloud backup it – time:
Proper backup strategy includes backup monitored and managed centrally and combines onsite backup and cloud simultaneously. This strategy allows quick access to local information and protection in the event of incidents such as burglaries (and stealing all the equipment including servers and disks backup), fire, etc..


Local access the virtual disk:Simple and fast restoration is a critical element in any cloud backup system. Vatera's unique technology allows to recover data if the cloud is another disk in the local network. This allows large reenactments and reconstructions specific.

Archive:Capabilities allows you to select information that need to keep it in its original form for a long time (even years). Ability to appropriate financial statements, contracts, etc..



VMware, SharePoint, Oracle, Windows 8: Using the appropriate modules allows backup and restore full or selective following system information:



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